For some New Yorkers, the city is an enormous jungle gym and recess lasts forever. Bullettrun brings you Parkour from New York City streets and into your imagination.

Bullettrun brings Parkour from New york City streets and into your imagination. “Parkour is an extreme art form that challenges the strength and courage of its’ disciples, who call themselves “traceurs” or “freerunners.” These young men and women climb scaffolding, jump off buildings, dive down staircases and bounce across concrete in their quest for beauty and adventure. For the traceurs, the modern city is an enormous jungle gym and recess lasts forever.


Bullettrun brings Parkour from the streets and into your imagination. This summer we would like to bring Parkour to the park. In the process, bringing attention to the vital role access to public space serves in the community. 

Bullettrun productions are collaborative, and involve members of the Parkour community who live throughout NYC. Our members come from diverse social and economic backgrounds. For many of these young men and women, the discipline of Parkour is not just a form of self expression. It is a means to build self esteem and become leaders in communities lacking social, educational and economic resources. 

By bringing Parkour to the larger public, opportunities open up not just for our company members, but the public who meets them. Encouraging new possibilities, and a dialogue of understanding and support for everyone.

Bullettrun has performed at the New York International Fringe Festival, New York City Center, LightSpace Studio, Yellow Peril Media Gallery, Triskelion Arts Theater and the Brooklyn Lyceum. We have also appeared on Spike TV, auditioned for Americas Got Talent and appeared as a Flash Mob on behalf of EMI Records.  Our videos have been screened at the Dance On camera festival and photos of Bullettrun by James Starkman were on display at the Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery.

Members of Bullettrun have gone on to teach in public schools, gyms and work in the print, film and television industries.  Most recently, members of Bullettrun were cast in the Rag&Bone SS16 film and photo campaign, which premiered during NYC men's fashion week.