Bullettrun is a collaborative multimedia company that uses the art of parkour to provide men and women with social, educational and performance opportunities in NYC.

Bullettrun is a collaborative multimedia company that uses the art of parkour to empower young men and women living in New York City; providing artistic, social, educational and talent services. 

WildRun Program

WildRun is a parkour program conducted at Kaiser Park; in collaboration with Bullettrun, Underworld Movement, and the NYPD PSA-1 Explorer's club. WildRun is sponsored by Partnership for Parks, Catalyst Program and Citizens Committee for New York City. 

On June 2016 Bullettrun and Underworld Movement began offering weekly parkour classes to the community served at Kaiser Park in collaboration with Officer Daniel Thomas of the PSA1 Explorer's program of Coney Island, and Ted Enoch of the Partnerships for Parks-Catalyst Program. The purpose of these parkour classes is to improve the physical fitness and self-esteem of the youth between the ages of 12-18 who live in the community.

WildRun Summer 2016 classes will culminate in a performance during the Explorer's extravaganza, featuring students who participated in the classes and members of the Bullettrun professional company of parkour artists. 

We at Bullettrun believe a healthy relationship between mind, body and public space can be encouraged by studying the art and discipline of parkour. Our certified instructors and their apprentices currently live near and train in parkour at Kaiser Park. These young men are leaders in their community. WildRun classes consist of introducing students to the basics of parkour technique, including calisthenics and safe gymnastic style movements such as vaulting, climbing, rolling and jumping.

WildRun classes are held at a temporary obstacle course that is assembled in the athletic field of Kaiser Park.  

By mastering basic, parkour movements, students will not only become healthier, but gain confidence in their abilities to exercise in Kaiser Park with improved confidence and athletic strength.

After mastering the basic movements of parkour, we will encourage participants to take what apply what they have learned to act as agents in their own success—using Kaiser Park as their canvas for focused, healthy, safe and fun activities that benefit their entire community.