Bullettrun is a collaborative multimedia company that uses the art of parkour to provide men and women with social, educational and performance opportunities in NYC.

Bullettrun is a collaborative multimedia company that uses the art of parkour to empower young men and women living in New York City; providing artistic, social, educational and talent services. 

 Back: Joshua Steiber, Ryan Salim, Emmanuel (Mani) Garcia, Front: Yosef Amrani, Naama Sarig, Nadia Lesy, Sarai Rodriguez.

Back: Joshua Steiber, Ryan Salim, Emmanuel (Mani) Garcia, Front: Yosef Amrani, Naama Sarig, Nadia Lesy, Sarai Rodriguez.

UPDATE 04/17/2017: 

From Mani García-Lesy: I am very excited to announce that I was accepted to present about our parkour research study that is based on interviews with so many of you from our parkour community in NYC: The title of my talk is: "On the Psychology of Parkour: Qualitative interviews with emerging adults in the parkour community"


I will be presenting with our friends from the St. John's University Liaison for Emerging Adults Program (LEAP), led by Dr. Andrea Bergman. We will be presenting in Washington, D.C. at the Society for the Study of Emerging Adults in November,2017.


We will share more information when we have it. Thanks to everyone for helping make this possible!




Participate in a study about parkour

If you are 18-29 years of age; reside in the US; and speak English, you are eligible to participate in a paid study about parkour. The study is being conducted by Dr. Andrea Bergman, Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Johns University; and Emmanuel Garcia, MA, a doctoral candidate in the Health Psychology and Clinical Sciences at the City University of New York-Graduate Center.

Participation involves an interview about parkour that should take between thirty minutes to an hour of your time. You will be compensated with $25 and a two-way Metrocard for participating.

If you are interested in this study please contact:
Naama Sarig
Phone: 347-494-0197
Email: naama.sarig15@stjohns.edu

This study has been approved by the St. John’s University Institutional Review Board, Federal Wide Assurance: FWA00009066, September 12, 2016



Emmanuel (Mani Garcia), MA, CUNY Graduate Center, Health Psychology and Clinical Sciences PhD Program

Sarai Rodriguez, BA, Hunter College, Masters in Mental Health Counseling Program


St. John's University

Dr. Andrea Bergman, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psych Doctoral Students

Naama Sarig      Joshua Steiber

Ryan Salim         Yosef Arami

Megan Martin     Celeste Sangiorgio

LeapRun is a collaborative research project between Bullettrun researchers, led by doctoral student Emmanuel (Mani) Garcia, and researchers from the Liason for Emerging Adults Program (LEAP): St. John's University, led by Clinical Psychology Researcher and Associate Professor, Dr. Andrea Bergman.  

LEAP is a clinical research program designed to serve emerging adults (ages 16-29) who have been exposed to trauma and do not have a supportive family structure, resulting in forced independence. For example, there are over 500,000 children and youth in the foster care system every year. These individuals are among the most vulnerable and traumatized youth in our society. However, those in foster care are released from the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and/or Juvenile Justice programs by age 21 and are often left with little or no skills in independent living. There is little research on the most effective way to serve the mental health and developmental needs of these emerging adults during this critical transitional period of their lives.

Under the leadership of Dr. Andrea Bergman, licensed clinical psychologist, LEAP provides services, including psychosocial assessment and psychotherapy, for these independent youth. LEAP provides these services in partnership with community agencies in the New York City area who serve this population. LEAP researchers and clinicians have developed a manualized treatment (Risk Reduction through Independence Therapy; Bergman, Danielson, Brown, 2008) which combines components from several empirically validated treatments (e.g., trauma-specific cognitive behavior therapy, multi-systemic therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy) as well as innovative components that are specific designed to meet the unique needs of a particular group of emerging adults. As a clinical research program, LEAP researchers and clinicians are committed to evaluating this treatment first in an open clinical trial and then through randomized clinical trials. This work is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Elissa Brown of St. John’s University.

Emmanuel (Mani) Garcia is a PhD student in the City University of New York (CUNY) Health Psychology and Clinical Science program, based at Hunter College.  He works as a Doctoral Researcher in the Experimental Psychopathology Lab with his primary advisor Dr. Regina Miranda. He is interested in improving access to physical/mental health education, assessment, and interventions for underserved groups. Currently his research is focused on implementing mixed-method community based protocols with Deaf and DeafBlind adults, and emerging adults in New York City. Innovative development and use of digital research methods are central to his work, including methods for portable central and peripheral psychophysiology and digital ecological momentary assessment.

Mani is currently a therapist extern at Lexington Center for Mental Health Services for the Deaf & Gouverneur Healthcare: Trauma Track.